How Long Do Hiking Boots Last?

Few pieces of gear are as beloved as a favorite pair of boots. Not only do they accompany you on your most scenic adventures; most of the time they bring you there.

So it’s understandable you wouldn’t want to part with them – even if they’re ratty, ragged, and smell like a wet barn. Well, there’s good news: Your boots can live a longer, happier life. And you can prepare for the end knowing how long they should last.

According to the experts, hiking boots of solid construction will carry you for at least 600–700 miles, generally maxing out at 1,000.

Once you picked out boots – or trail shoes – with longevity in their genes, it’s up to you to keep them healthy. But that doesn’t mean avoiding puddles and laying a drop cloth at the campsite. You just need to care for your footwear after the adventure.

“Gently brushing off dirt and mud after your hikes, or gently cleaning the upper with a piece of cloth and some warm water, will all help extend the longevity of the materials.”

At the very least, you should kick and scrub off any caked-on mud and filth. Moisture, salt, and muck will dry out materials and deplete the footwear’s life if left untended. For synthetic materials, use a stiff brush or warm, damp cloth to clean debris.

For leather boots, use leather cleaners and conditioners.

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