Viewing platform at Oregon’s famous Multnomah Falls top appears to have survived devastating fire

  A circular, wood deck viewing platform at the top of Multnomah Falls is believed to have survived the Eagle Creek fire, a U.S. Forest Service official said.

“We’ve not gotten up there to assess the condition,” said Rachel Pawlitz, spokeswoman for the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which is part of the Forest Service, “but from aerial flights, it looks like the structure is intact.”

However, the Forest Service will not know for certain until a visual inspection is made of the platform, which juts into the falls at its 620-foot-high top. The wood deck is perhaps 14 feet in diameter and rimmed by a metal railing on the side closest to the falls and a rock wall near the entrance.

Pawlitz said Forest Service workers have not made the trek to the top after the fire near the lodge was extinguished primarily because rockfall and other debris block the trail. She said the lodge may open in December. However, the trail leading from the lodge will remain closed with no projected opening date.



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