Forest Service Report Assesses the State of U.S. Forest Health

Insects, diseases, droughts, and fire threaten forests. Each year, the U.S. Forest Service assesses threats facing the nation’s forests. Forest managers, scientists, and decision-makers rely on the annual reports.

The U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station recently published the 2016 Forest Health Monitoring report. The report is the 16th in the annual series, and is sponsored by the FS Forest Health Monitoring program.

Scientists from across the Forest Service contribute to the annual report, as do university researchers, state partners, and many other experts.

“The report is the only national assessment of forest health undertaken on an annual basis. It includes both short-term and long-term evaluations of our forest resources across broad regions.”

The report includes forest health assessments from the continental U.S. as well as Alaska and Hawai’i. It also summarizes the status and trends of a variety of forest health indicators from a national or regional perspective.

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