If Americans Are So Worried About Pollution, Why Are So Few Willing to Speak Up About It?

Smokestacks billow toxic clouds while crumpled food wrappers dance across the street with the breeze. Given the damage pollution can cause, it’s fair to wonder, how do Americans feel about it?

While pollution is a broad term, several different types bother Americans. Based on the survey results, industrial pollution draws the most ire, followed by water waste and civilian pollution (such as littering).

What people may not understand, is what exactly industrial pollution is. Perhaps images of massive factories or plants with smoke shooting from its stacks 24 hours a day, seven days a week come to mind.

These plants pose a major risk to the health of the surrounding environment and population. Byproducts from such plants include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead and mercury—toxic elements that no one wants near their home or community.

The remaining four types of pollution are of a more personal nature: Water waste, littering and/or civilian pollution, food waste and energy waste are all types of pollution that can be caused by a single person.

When looking at specific instances of civilian pollution, people were most offended by pollution of our natural landscapes.

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