Announcing a new champion for expanding the protection of precious natural resources and quality of life

After a thoughtful and well considered process, the board of directors and staff of Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy (CMLC) in Henderson, Transylvania and parts of neighboring counties in North Carolina, and the Pacolet Area Conservancy (PAC) in Polk County, North Carolina, and the Landrum area of South Carolina, are excited to announce a consolidation of the two organizations.

As sister organizations, each with deep roots and strong histories of conserving and preserving lands in the areas served, they are uniting to create a new organization that will increase conservation efforts in the area. They believe a united organization will help build a larger community of advocates for the common missions of protecting and conserving natural resources in this burgeoning region for generations to come.

With a broader geographic reach encompassing lands from upstate South Carolina to the foothills and mountains of western North Carolina, the combined expertise, talents and resources will strengthen their ability to raise awareness of the crucial importance of protecting shared land and water resources, and foster appreciation of the unique natural heritage. As a result of banding together, the two groups will be able to protect more land.

The new organization will have offices in Columbus and Hendersonville, North Carolina, with current staff remaining in place under the direction of a new consolidated board of directors and Executive Director Kieran Roe.

Upon completion of the branding process for the newly created organization later this summer, the name and logo of the region’s new champion for saving the places we all love will be announced.


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