Coming Soon to a Forest Near You

In August, 2016, another 689.67 acres was added to North Carolina’s Headwaters State Forest. Projected to open in 2018, the forest contains the East Fork of the French Broad River Headwaters (for which it is named), making it an important area to protect fresh, clean water.

Land acquisition for the forest began in 2009, when landowner and former congressman Charles Taylor approached Carolina Mountain Land Cconservancy. What resulted was a multi-party partnership dedicated to protecting nearly 8,000 acres of land in Transylvania County. In addition to forestry and recreation, a portion of the area will be used as a wildlife refuge.

This conservation effort is part of a landscape-scale approach to protect large, undivided forests in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The 8,000 acre East Fork Headwaters tract will complete the missing link in a contiguous chain of nearly one million acres of protected, public lands.

The North Carolina Forest Service will own and manage the land as the newly established Headwaters State Forest. Rare mountain bogs found within the conservation project may be included within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s new Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge.

Preview what Headwaters State Forest has to offer. A section of the Foothills Trail, which runs along the North/South Carolina border, cuts through the future state forest. Hike a 5.2-mile out and back to a scenic view point in the Pardee & CMLC White Squirrel Hiking Challenge 4.


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