East Coast Greenway: 3,000 Mile Hike or Bike from Canada to Key West

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of trekking across the U.S., but didn’t have the time, money, or know-how to make the full trip from east to west. Or maybe hiking the Appalachian Trail has been a secret goal, but you’re terrified of sleeping in tents. Luckily, there’s another option.

It’s called the East Coast Greenway—3,000 miles of marked trails and roads from Key West, Florida all the way up to Canada. Whether you hike it or bike it, you’re sure to be challenged, but always close enough to civilization to calm your fears of being lost in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a new goal to tackle or just a place to spend a day or a weekend on your bike, try the East Coast Greenway.

The plan for the East Coast Greenway started in the mid-nineties in downtown SoHo in New York City, when a few of the founding members—outdoorsy, activist types with big dreams—decided it would be a life-changing project to tackle.

Conceptually, the greenway wasn’t designed to appeal to thru-hikers, though that’s certainly a side benefit. More than that, the plan was to link major cities on the Eastern Seaboard together to create safe, accessible routes, and to help promote healthy, outdoor-friendly lifestyles.

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