Where The Wild Things Reign – Hiking The Cohos Trail

With more than 4,000 miles of hiking trails, it’s not too hard to get away from it all in New Hampshire. But if you want to get even further away, you could head out on the Cohos Trail, one of the wildest, most remote trails in New England.

The Cohos Trail is a 165 miles long approximately. It utilizes new trail, moose paths, existing trails, old ways, old rail beds and it gets you where you have to go.

The trail begins on the Davis Path in Crawford Notch and ends in Pittsburg at the Canadian border customs stop. Bring your passport and you can hike another 70 miles into Quebec.

Certainly in the New England region, this is the longest trail. It’s also one of the most remote trails. It’ll get you into the arctic, above timberline. It’ll get you on the shores of huge lakes, the tallest cliff in the state. And of course a lot of woods walking. It is a woods trail by and large.”

Huge lakes and tallest cliff aside, what really draws hikers to the Cohos Trail…is the lack of other hikers.

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