Hiking Mt. Olympus

Mount Olympus is worthy of its association to the gods in Greek mythology for numerous reasons. First, it is Greece’s highest mountain, and, naturally, the gods wouldn’t live on a puny little hill. Second, it is the second highest mountain in the Balkan Range. Finally, it beckons thousands of people each year to tackle its hiking trails and reach its summit.

Mythology aside, Mt. Olympus has a tumultuous past that has shaped the culture of its surrounding area. Considered a shrine in ancient times, it was also a battleground for control between many great empires, including the Ottoman. This beautiful summit and its surrounding area have seen documented war spanning from the 15th through the 20th centuries, including World War II. This mountain remains a sacred place to its people, which is one reason why many hike it.

Once you’ve climbed Mt. Olympus, you’ll discover the other reason why people hike this beautiful summit. When on top, you’ll have a panoramic view of the Adriatic and Aegean Seas and the mountains of Albania. Additionally, you have the option of easier treks throughout the mountain’s region, as Mt. Olympus is located in Greece’s largest and best-preserved national park. The park itself is also quite stunning, with the River Enippeas running through the beautiful woodlands. Keep your eyes open. You just might see some wild goats along your journey.

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