The most romantic proposal ever?

There aren’t many marriage proposals that can be seen from space, but for this traveller, an epic journey through Japan was also a unique marriage proposal.

Japanese artist Yasushi Takahashi left his job to travel through Japan, covering more than 4,349 miles in six months, mostly on foot and sometimes by car, ferry or bicycle. GPS technology tracked his every step as he journeyed from Hokkaido island to Hyodo Cliff on Kyushu island where the trek ended.

At the end of his journey, the GPS records of his travels around the country spelled out the phrase ‘Marry Me’ – with an arrow through the heart sign added afterwards for good measure.

Each location was carefully planned so that the GPS tracking would spell out his romantic chosen phrase clearly. ‘I wanted to write the world’s biggest proposal, and I found GPS drawing was the way to do it,’ Yassan said of his feat.

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