20 thousand miles, 15 countries, 1825 days and countless pairs of underpants

Lucy Barnard is on a mission to walk the entire length of the world from Argentina to Alaska with her cattle dog Wombat in tow. Lucy is an Australian adventurer on a mission to walk the entire length of the world.

“There is a moment between having an idea and acting on it, where you choose to do something. or you won’t…I decided to become the first woman to walk the length of the earth.

“It’s a 30,000 km trek from the southernmost point of South America to the highest point of Alaska. When I finish I will be the first woman, and one of only a handful to have ever completed it.

“I travel only by foot, or where the terrain is impassable, I swim or kayak.”

What makes Lucy’s story all that more remarkable is her recovery from an accident in which she had to learn to talk and walk again.

“…a ute pulled up to an intersection I was approaching. They saw me and stopped… waited for me to pass… waited… waited… and then made an error.”

Every step (and there will be 4 million of them, is documented in her blog Tangles and Tail.

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