Alberta photographer takes shelter dogs on hikes to help them find forever homes

An Alberta, Canada photographer is taking shelter dogs on adventures to show off their personalities and help them find loving families that are a good fit.

Rachael Rodgers, of Canmore, has worked with seven or eight local shelters over the past year to photograph around 80 dogs. She’s tried to take out at least one dog every week and sometimes more.

“My goal with doing this is to show their character so they have a better match to a home,” she said.

“Some dogs are old and they’d love to just go for a small walk a day, and some dogs you know have so much energy and they’d like to go out hiking with someone everyday. And I think it’s so important to match that lifestyle.”

On a typical photography day, she wakes up at 5 a.m. and takes her dogs for a walk, before heading out to a Calgary or Cochrane shelter to pick up a dog — often an older one, or one that hasn’t gotten much attention.

She’ll then head out to a picturesque location, like Lake Louise or Yoho, depending on how long the dog can be out for, and spends the day taking pictures of them doing the things they would do with owners if they were adopted — like going on a hike, or for a picnic.

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