Featured National Recreation Trails – Mason-Dixon Trail, Pennsylvania

The Mason-Dixon Trail section receiving NRT recognition is a 30 mile-long hiking path, following the western slopes of the Susquehanna River Gorge between Wrightsville and Norman Wood Bridge (at PA Rt. 372). This blue blazed hiking trail rolls along river hillsides and drops into deep ravines while crossing a number of tributaries to the Susquehanna River. Along the way are an abundance of wild flowers, ferns, broad leafs and evergreens.

Rock formations, stream crossings and scenic overlooks add to the beautiful setting of the mile wide Susquehanna River valley. The area is habitat for many species, including bald eagles, osprey, white tail deer, wild turkey and is a stopping place for numerous migratory birds. The area is rich in history, including archeological evidence of native americans, boundary disputes between american colonies and the construction and demise of a canal system.

This section of trail designated as a National Recreation Trail, is part of the larger Mason-Dixon Trail (MDT) system, a 192-mile long hiking trail. The MDT connects with the Appalachian Trail at Whisky Springs to the west and the Brandywine Trail at Chads Ford to the east. A large loop can be made by going north on the Appalachian Trail to the Horse Shoe Trail, then back on the Brandywine Trail to the eastern terminus of the MDT.

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