Some Of The Best Places In The United States To Plan A Hiking Trip

Many Americans are rediscovering favorite pastimes during the COVID-19 pandemic, including exploring outdoor areas. Because you can breathe fresh air (so long as you aren’t in a crowd) and get away from enclosed spaces, this can be a great time to plan a hiking trip. Being outdoors is one of the most effective ways to avoid close contact but enjoy exercise and leisure.

It’s possible to explore a natural marvel in your backyard or scratch a national park off of your bucket list. You may also try to find little-known hiking trails to avoid large crowds and to make a memorable road trip.

A local hiking adventure can be a wise move to avoid domestic travel restrictions and potential hotspots. If your state has strict shelter-in-place orders, your only choice might be staying close to home. Some of your options will be local greenways that you might already be quite familiar with. Other options might require a country drive to access.

National parks tend to have the best hiking trails, but state or local parks are hidden gems as well. You may try to explore lesser-known areas to avoid large crowds. You can still enjoy the great outdoors and the views may rival those of the most popular hiking trips.

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