The Outdoor Books that Shaped the Last Decade

Digital media continued its march across the cultural landscape in the past decade, but its proliferation didn’t diminish the importance of books—even if these days we’re thumbing through real pages less often than we’re swiping pixels on our screens.

Books challenge our perceptions and paradigms, provoke curiosity, and inspire action. And for many of us, engaging with big ideas felt more important during this decade than ever before.

These stories made us marvel at the seemingly impossible limits of the human body and feel enthralled with the wonders of nature.

They mobilized us to stand up against environmental injustice, taught us about climate change, and inspired us to take our ideas out into the world.

In that spirit, here are ten books from the past ten years that sparked debate, changed discourse, and spawned movements in the outdoor world. Each book is also matched with recommended reading from the same genre or subject area.


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