New mountain biking, hiking trail added to southern Utah’s Iron Hills Trail System

Let’s say you’re looking for mountain biking, running or hiking options in southern Utah. There’s a new trail available that offers an extended ride in the southeastern portion of Cedar City.

Bureau of Land Management officials formally opened the Turnpike Trail, which is nearly a 4.5-mile route designed by the International Mountain Biking Association and added to the Iron Hills Trail System. It connects the Southview Trailhead with the Shurtz Canyon Trailhead east of Hamiltons Fort.

Unlike some of the other trails in the system, it’s rated as a green/easy trail, which means it’s a cross-country-type route open to all riding and hiking abilities and skill sets.

“I think what people can expect is a really high-quality trail riding experience,” said Dave Jacobson, outdoor recreation planner for the BLM’s Cedar City field office. “I feel like Turnpike now adds all of the elements out of the Southview Trailhead. You can either do a long hill climb if you want, or you can do a shuttle ride off of Greens Lake Drive into this same trailhead, or you can do downhill riding, or a traditional cross-country-type ride. It gives you a variety out of the same trailhead.”

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