The Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Summer means sandal time, even on the trails. Swap out your hiking boots for a pair of sturdy hiking sandals to allow for significantly more breathability than closed shoes and faster drying times when you’re fording a stream or getting splashed by rapids. Look for a pair that not only matches your aesthetic but also offers sufficient sole traction and arch support — and keeps your foot comfortably inside.

“A main question that women often have about hiking sandals is whether or not they should get a hiking sandal that has a toe strap,” notes Cassandra Brooklyn, who prepares women for hiking trips around the world.

“Personally, I like the toe ring strap on my Chacos, though my favorite hiking sandals (Tevas) don’t have a strap. I’ve found that women with more narrow feet often find the toe strap helpful to give them grip, particularly if they’re doing any hiking through water or using them for water sports. Women with wider feet (and especially those with wide toes) may find the toe strap uncomfortable.”

Check out this handy guide for a more in-depth explanation of hiking sandal considerations. As with any shoe, you should be sure to try it on in person and walk around in it before taking it out on the trails.

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