Conserving Carolina working to rehab 100-acre wetland

Conserving Carolina is working on an ambitious project to completely rehabilitate the mouth of Mud Creek where it empties into the French Broad River near Fletcher, NC.

The goals are to return the area to a pre-development state that provides a safe haven to musky and other fish, curbs the reach of invasive species, reduces pollution and helps provide a place for all that water to go when heavy rains flood the French Broad.

They’re going to work to expand the riparian buffer by planting trees and other species that would naturally be found there, creating wetland habitat, upland meadow habitat, pollinator habitat and more.

Conserving Carolina will work with federal entities to recreate an Appalachian bog habitat that has become “very scarce in the region,” and work with the state Wildlife Resources Commission to create backwater sloughs, places of slack water connected to the river that provide sanctuary to fish when spawning or in flood conditions.

Conserving Carolina has dates marked on the calendar for volunteer workdays at the project site, including one scheduled for Feb. 12 to work on removing non-native invasive species.

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