Hiking the World Like a Pro

Karen Berger, author of ‘Great Hiking Trails of the World: 80 Trails, 75,000 Miles, 38 Countries, 6 Continents’ said that she has been an outdoors person at heart since she was a kid.

“Summer camp was probably my earliest experience of sleeping in tents and living outdoors, and I remember coming home and thinking that indoor air conditioning just felt wrong,” said Berger.

“Since then, I’ve worked at summer camps and outdoor education centers, volunteered as an inner-city outings leader for the Sierra Club and honeymooned on the John Muir Trail.”

She has since completed the “triple crown”: Thru-hikes of the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide national scenic trails—all 7,500 miles of them.

Berger’s book describes hiking trails that fall into different categories, such as pilgrimage, historic hikes, albinism, wilderness, diverse environments, and long-distance trails. So, to some extent, different hikes will appeal to different hikers based on personal interest.

Nonetheless, there are some characteristics that many hikers seem to agree about when talking about their favorite trails: Natural beauty, wildlife, preservation of the surrounding environment, interesting opportunities to experience the local culture when going off trail to resupply, and good quality trail maintenance and marking are some of the things hikers look for.

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