Arches, narrows and waterfalls: Canyoneering and extreme hiking in Moab

Moab, Utah, surrounded by Arches National Park to the north, Canyonlands National Park to the southwest and the La Sal Mountains to the east, is a hub for desert adventures from rafting to mountain biking and so much more.

For some visitors, the act of squeezing through narrow canyons, rappelling into open pools and clawing through loose dirt and bushes — canyoneering — is one of the most memorable and scenic ways to enjoy the area.

pend an epic day scrambling and rappelling through canyons in the backcountry and then cooling off in isolated pools.

Entering these canyons in eastern Utah is like stepping into a time warp — not more than a 10-minute drive out of town and you’re on a narrow path leading to a huge rappel behind a 90-by 80-foot arch.

With the rope sliding through your rappel device acting as a time machine, you lower into a prehistoric world surrounded by red towering cliffs.

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