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  1. Tim Truemper

    Wonderful post Jeff. Really liked the opening and closing pictures. Sorry you had to endure some disappointment about the views starting out, but looks like you had a great trip. I echo your appreciation for the wonders of NC Mtns (and other parts of the state) along with the other neighboring states. In regards to the “improvements” made on the Sam Knob Trail. I took this trail about 20 years ago and so I have not been back for some time. The gravel is a poor choice (as you indicated) and the boardwalk is overkill. Fill dirt with some mulch and/or finer gravel would have been cheaper and allowed for keeping more of a wilderness like trail. Oh well. I am hoping to get back up that way in late September. Thanks as always for your wonderful and inspiring posts. I send the links to friends around the country who are in awe and amazement of the places you go and the presentation you provide.

  2. Thanks for the nice thoughts Tim, and for sharing my posts with your friends.

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