Nevada’s “Basin and Range” set to be protected permanently?

Just a couple hours’ drive from Las Vegas, the Basin and Range area comprises Garden Valley and Coal Valley as well as corridors connecting the surrounding Timpahute, Pahroc, Worthington, Mt. Irish, Seaman, Golden Gate, Grant and Quinn Canyon mountain ranges. Among other things, Basin and Range’s rugged landscape is considered a monument to the awesome span of geological time itself.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) previously introduced legislation to protect Basin and Range, and there is support in Nevada for protecting the area permanently. Protecting Basin and Range will require an ambitious landscape-scale conservation effort.

Basin and Range is renowned for its biodiversity, with wildlife including greater sage-grouse, bighorn sheep, mule deer, kit fox and a variety of bats and plantlife including elements of Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert and Great Basin vegetation, like ancient bristlecone and ponderosa pine.

Basin and Range is also beloved by Nevadans and visitors alike who crave opportunities to hike, camp, hunt, bike and rock-climb, and the region boasts traces of both Native American and 19th century settlement culture. The tract known as Basin and Range also surrounds “City,” a gigantic earthen sculpture that artist Michael Heizer has been working on for decades.

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