Vermont hiking trails muddy; extra care is urged

The Green Mountain Club, maintainer and protector of Vermont’s Long Trail, is asking hikers to take extra care from now until Memorial Day.

It’s mud season, and hiking trails are especially prone to erosion at this time of year. Hikers walking on saturated soils or on the sides of trails cause irreversible erosion and damage vegetation.

Vermont officially closes state-owned trails at high elevations from April 15 through the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, including Camel’s Hump State Park, Coolidge State Forest, Mansfield State Forest, Long Trail State Forest and Jay State Forest.

Lower-elevation state forest and park trails remain open, but are still susceptible to damage.

Trails in the Green Mountain National Forest are not officially closed, but the Forest Service asks hikers to avoid muddy high-elevation trails, such as the Long Trail, until Memorial Day weekend. Dry trails at lower elevations, dirt roads and recreation paths are fine for hiking.


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