Florida Isn’t The Only State Where Officials Censored The Term ‘Climate Change’

It may have seemed surprising when four former employees of Florida’s state Department of Environmental Protection said they were forbidden to use the words “climate change” and “global warming” in any official communications.

But as it turns out, the alleged practice is not unusual — at least in states with governors who do not accept the scientific validity of human-caused climate change. In fact, two states were accused of implementing a very similar practice with their environmental conservation agencies last year.

The most recent accusation came in September, when a former employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources told the Allegheny Front that he was explicitly ordered to remove references to “climate change” from the agency’s website. The orders, he said, came from members of then-Gov. Tom Corbett’s(R) administration.

A few months prior to that, WRAL News revealed that The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) was removing links and documents about climate change from its website. In that case the agency defended the practice, saying that the state lacked “clear regulatory responsibility” to deal with global warming.

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