Couple trekking to most remote spot in all 50 states

Ryan and Rebecca Means recently hiked 75 miles round-trip in Yellowstone National Park. Ryan shouldered a 71-pound pack. Rebecca lugged 54 pounds, including their 5-year-old daughter, Skyla. That’s what passes for a vacation in the Means family.

“We cherish our right to be remote,” Ryan said. And they want others to cherish it, too. They’re on a quest to identify and visit the most remote location in each of the 50 states, with the hope of inspiring others to protect and enjoy the country’s remaining wild and roadless sites.

Rebecca uses Geographic Information Systems technology to find the remote spot in each state, and Ryan plans their route to the spot by foot, or sometimes by boat. “Some people take vacations to Disney World,” Rebecca said, “and we do Project Remote.”

They’ve been to their self-determined most remote spots in 27 states during the past four years, helped with the aid of donations from foundations and individuals. They chronicle their trips online at and hope to someday present their findings about remoteness in a scientific journal.

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