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Disclosure: Wojo Wallet, LLC contacted me to try their Wojo Wallet at no cost to me. My only responsibility was an agreement to write this review. I was not pressured to make a positive endorsement.

Their tag line pretty much describes it, “When all you need are your credit cards and cash, Wojo is the perfect solution. Cycling, hiking, boating, hunting, skiing, traveling, or a girl’s night out… Wojo is the wallet for you.”

Most of us only use 4-6 cards regularly, so simplify your life and carry only what you need. Get rid of your clumsy money clip, unfashionable binding clip, or that bulky wallet that’s giving you sciatica. Plus, you never have to transition to something different when you’re enjoying your favorite sporting activity. Protect your cards and cash from sweat, water, and the elements. Wojo may be the only wallet you’ll need.

Wojo snugly protects a single card slip-free, but expands to secure as many as a dozen. The silicone and neoprene layered shell stretches back easily to make sorting and selecting a credit card a breeze. A perfectly fitted outer band provides fast access to cash and a key. The two bands can even be slipped apart for separate use.

The Wojo Wallet floats (with up to 6 cards and cash). Get the freedom to enjoy all your activities, being stress free about your floating wallet. Whether it is parties at the beach or a fall in a creek while hiking, just indulge whole-heartedly, knowing that your wallet and its contents are safe.

Sleek, stylish and sporty, a Wojo Wallet is perfect for men and women. Get one in each of four colors to match a myriad of moods and outfits. Great for women who want to leave their purse at home.

Testing the Wojo on a Hike

Many years ago I changed from one of those folding leather wallets, for several reasons, but biggest among them was bulk. It simply took too much space in my hip pocket, was uncomfortable to sit on, and wore a permanent imprint on my pants pocket. So I’m already familiar with the concept of compact wallets. Wojo takes it another step further.

The Wojo wallet is quite compact and lightweight, weighing less than an ounce when empty. While it will stretch to hold more, I found that I only needed my driver’s license, one credit card, and my medical insurance card when I head out into the wilderness. Throw in a few bucks and the Wojo still comes in at less than three ounces.

I used to always worry about putting my wallet in a zip or velcro pocket when I’m out in the woods just to keep from losing it. That’s something I don’t have to concern myself with anymore.

Made out of neoprene, Wojo wallets are designed to keep your credit cards and cash safe. The stretchy material provides a snug fit for your valuables. The exterior grips clothing material, fits well into the smallest of pockets and never slips out. Whether it’s a pants or shirt pocket, or a pouch in your backpack, the Wojo will stay where you put it. I tested this by turning my pants upside down with the Wojo in a pocket. It works. No more zip pockets needed.

No more worrying about sweat, grunge, heat, humidity or even water ruining your wallet again. In fact, even with a half dozen cards the Wojo Wallet floats in water. That was another annoyance of the old style leather wallets. They did not like getting sweaty and would even begin to come apart after constant activity. Not so the Wojo. The neoprene material will withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it. Stock your ID, credit cards or cash in a Wojo Wallet and forget about damage by sweat or water. Your stuff remains dry and safe in the water-resistant wallet.

Will It Do What It Says?

Yes, the Wojo really does float. I filled a bowl with water, tossed in the wallet and right on the surface it stayed. Now obviously if you drop it in the Green River rapids the current will whisk it downstream. But hey! At least it will still be on the surface.

The design and slip-resistant cover makes it compact and easy to carry everywhere. It holds up to 10 credit cards without having to fold, but chances are if you’re out on a hike you won’t take more than 3-4 cards. A no-fold wallet, its neoprene and silicone layers keep it from slipping out of your pocket, and keep it thin and compact. So when you’re trying to lighten your pack load of every pound and ounce, why not consider your wallet as well.


The Wojo will now be my hiking wallet of choice. Not only that, but I’ve pretty much switched to it as my everyday wallet. Almost impossible to ruin or lose, I expect it to last a very long time. The compact and lightweight nature of the Wojo fits right in with my outdoors lifestyle.

The Wojo Wallet comes in four color combinations and retails for US$12.95. Order direct from the Wojo Wallet website and receive free shipping with a $35 order.

Disclosure: Wojo Wallet, LLC contacted me to try their Wojo Wallet at no cost to me. My only responsibility was an agreement to write this review. I was not pressured to make a positive endorsement.


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