Follow the ‘Dog Trail’ in Rocky Mountain National Park

Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is a easy and accessible hiking route before it opens to automobile traffic, usually in early July. Many who hike the road do not realize it is a pathway of a historical and perhaps prehistoric significance. The Arapaho used the route as they migrated over the Continental Divide to the west. They called it the Dog`s Trail because the snow covered terrain allowed their dogs to pull travois. The area usually held the snow for long periods, even into the early summer months.

Endowvalley, located at the lower part of the road, was created by the snowmelt from the Mummy Range to its north, Trail Ridge to the south and the headwaters of Fall River Pass feeding Fall River. These rushing waters carved the valley.

The Hanging Valley of Sundance Mountain on the south, with the Thousand Falls of Sundance Creek, tumultuously fuming down the escarpment, is just one of the many captivating vistas to behold. At almost every twist and turn in the road, there will be delightful surprises to enjoy.

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