National Forest Service asking the public which roads should be saved in Olympic National Forest

The National Forest Service in Washington will be holding local meetings in June, July & August to find out which of the approximately 2000 miles of Olympic National Forest roads will need to be closed. Currently, 1,400 miles of road are currently open to vehicles, but 600 miles of the roads are closed, but may be opened intermittently to provide access for resource management.

According to the Forest Service, “Most roads on the Forest were built between the 1950s and 1990s to support timber management. Needs for and uses of the road system have shifted dramatically; timber harvest on the Forest has declined while other uses such as recreation have increased. As timber-harvest declined over the past two decades, so too has funding for road maintenance.”

“The current road system cannot be maintained or sustained, so it is likely the future road system will include fewer open roads. Closing roads to motor vehicle use, but maintaining use as a trail may be an opportunity identified in Travel Analysis. However, funding for trail maintenance is continuing to decline too, so an opportunity to convert a road to a trail must consider sustainability of the trail system, too.”

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