REI and National Forest Foundation Announce New Partnership to Plant 1 Million Trees

  A new partnership between the National Forest Foundation (NFF) and REI Co-op (REI) will plant 1 million trees on National Forests across the U.S. over the next decade. Each project will prioritize immediate reforestation to restore ecosystems adversely impacted by severe wildfire, pests, diseases, blowdown, or other natural disturbances. These efforts will help protect the vital benefits that our National Forests provide, including carbon sequestration, clean air and water, and wildlife habitat.

This commitment, part of REI’s initiative to mitigate climate change and pledge to, will advance the NFF’s 50 Million For Our Forests campaign and the NFF’s longer-term reforestation goals on National Forests. The NFF and REI will work together on an annual basis to select projects from a list of high-priority sites determined by professional foresters with the U.S. Forest Service.

Locations and types of projects that will be planted through the partnership include:

  • California, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Northern, and Southern Rockies Regions, to address wildfire, insect, and disease recovery;
  • Western Great Lakes states for blowdown, insect, and disease recovery; and
  • Southeastern and Appalachian states, to restore critical wildlife habitat to support endangered species and highly biodiverse ecosystems.



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