Woman hiking Colorado Trail to bring attention to diversity in the outdoors

The Colorado Trail runs from Waterton Canyon clear across the state to Durango – 485 miles of mountain passes and adventure that you certainly need to have a good reason to finish.

Patricia Cameron has a reason. “I’m not doing it with the lightest gear, not doing it the fastest, but I’m still out here,” she said.

Cameron is the executive director of a nonprofit called Blackpackers. It addresses the economic issues that come with exploring the great outdoors and encourages a more diverse group of people to see what Colorado has to offer.

“People who have or are experiencing backpacking know that the upfront costs of this type of activity can be tough,” Cameron said. “I know it was for me.”

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Cameron, who is Black, has lived in Colorado for 26 years. She’s founded Blackpackers to help introduce minorities to the outdoors and subsidize the cost of gear, and even lend it out.

She’s been documenting her Colorado Trail adventure on Twitter and in Backpacker magazine, and said she’s been recognized on the trail.

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