Estatoe Trail Extension Expands Brevard Greenway

The Estatoe Trail will soon extend to the historic Rosenwald Community in Brevard, connecting it with downtown Brevard and Pisgah National Forest. This new link in the popular Brevard bike and walk path will improve opportunities for pedestrian and bike travel within the city.

It will also put Brevard a step closer to its goal of a greenway network that extends from the Davidson River Campground in Pisgah National Forest, to Bracken Mountain Preserve, to Brevard High School and Brevard Elementary School.

The Estatoe Trail currently starts at the Davidson River Campground and ends at McLean Street in Brevard. An additional section is under construction at the new Depot Railroad Avenue Park.

Executive Director Kieran Roe said, “Greenways are a priority for Conserving Carolina because they bring the benefits of conservation close to home for more people. Greenways provide places for us to connect with nature, get exercise, and release stress. They provide safe routes for alternative transportation, so they reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. Greenways strengthen our local economies and improve our quality of life.”



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