Do you need to wear a face mask while hiking?

Outdoor spaces have begun to reopen while the coronavirus pandemic carries on, bringing up an important question for hikers eager to get back outside: Do you need to wear a face mask while hiking?

As hiking trails and other outdoor space reopen across the country, some researchers and medical experts, as well as state park officials, now recommend hikers carry face coverings with them, and to wear them whenever in close contact with people from outside their household.

Advice varies based on individual risk factors and the outdoor environment in question, but what the recommendations come down to is this: Hikers should cover their faces when passing others on the trail, while hiking with friends or family they don’t live with, or any time they encounter large groups of people.

While not always necessary, a face mask is now considered to be a smart precautionary item to bring with you when outside. Hikers are already accustomed to carrying essentials like first aid kits and extra clothing – face coverings and hand sanitizer are common sense additions now to any day pack.

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