National Park Service asks hikers to be mindful of nature after vandalism incidents

As people head outdoors to escape cabin fever during this stay at home order, local trail systems are seeing more garbage and even vandalism. The National Park Service recently posted pictures on their social media, showing graffiti on trees and rocks. This was done on several parts of popular trails, throughout the United States.

NPS Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services, Eve West, stressed this is not acceptable. She is encouraging people to be mindful in nature, or suggests being a virtual visitor.

“There are a lot of national park areas that have webcams set up,” West said. “If you go on our website, that is kind of a window into the world of national parks and all the virtual videos that are out there as well.”

West said if you do plan to visit any of the National Parks or Rivers, remember to follow ‘leave no trace’ policies, practice social distancing, and plan accordingly since most public restrooms are currently closed during the pandemic.

There are consequences and fines issued for littering and vandalism. #beagoodsteward


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