Treasure hunt pays off for Las Vegas hikers

Most people come to Las Vegas with dreams to win big in a casino, but one hiking group managed to cash in without all the bells and whistles.

Eloros is a company that puts on treasure hunts in various outdoor locations across the country.. This past weekend, treasure found its way to southern Nevada.

Those participating in the hunt had to pay $30 to search a designated area roughly the size of Clark County. A poem was then released with clues on how to find the hidden treasure.

Alan Gegax runs a hiking group called Vegas Hikers. Gegax and his group won the hunt. Now the big question, what’s inside the box?

Eloros awarded Gegax and his team with $2,000 in cash and an assortment of North Face gear after finding the treasure in the McCullough Hills Trail area.

“In the box there was cash money, swag from North Face and a few other items,” Gegax said. “Well worth the hunt.”

Eloros says the hunt was a success with hopes of bringing it back to Las Vegas in the future.



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