Delta Heritage Trail will be 85 miles when completed

The Delta Heritage Trail will send hikers and bikers through bottomland hardwood forests, into black bear country, by bald cypress swamps, along Mississippi River levees, and over bridges spanning the White and Arkansas rivers.

The 84.5-mile Arkansas trail goes from Lexa near Helena-West Helena to Arkansas City. Just over 44 miles of the trail is completed, comprising two segments at both ends. The middle 40 miles is yet to be built.

The completed sections include a 20.6-mile compacted crush gravel section between Lexa and Elaine, a 14.4-mile shared-use roadway on the Mississippi River levee between Rohwer and Arkansas City, and another 9.4-mile compacted crush gravel section between Rohwer and Watson.

Portions of the trail are former railroad lines converted to bike/pedestrian routes. Natural settings along the trail include the native hardwoods to the open skies alongside agricultural fields.

Arkansas State Parks Director Grady Spann said, “When completed, not only will it cross two major rivers – the White and Arkansas – it also traverses through the Dale Bumpers National Wildlife Refuge that has enormous old-growth cypress trees that will give the visitor a sense of being in a ‘Jurassic Park’ environment.

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