6 miles of new biking, hiking, birding trails soon to open in Pickens County, SC

More than six miles of trails for biking, hiking, birding and more are set to open sometime in the late spring this year in Pickens County.

The trail system, which is a series of “stacked loop” trails, is tucked into the forest next to Southern Wesleyan University’s Central, SC campus and is a collaboration between the university and the Town of Central. The trails will be free and open to the public.

While most public trail systems can take up to a decade to build out – Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail and Pickens’ Doodle Trail both took years – the Central/SWU trails are on target to finish in a year.

The project will cost around $150,000 and be able to accommodate hundreds of visitors. The trail system will be the first mountain biking route in Central.

The outdoor area is also envisioned as an event space, hosting everything from cross country and cycling races to mud runs once operational.



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