Ghost Ranch provides a prime fall hiking destination

Scenes from more than two dozen films and television specials have been shot here, and it’s no wonder why. Taking in the majestic views while traversing the expansive ranch in the high desert of New Mexico, visitors feel immersed in a cinematic Wild West setting.

The Ghost Ranch offers multiple trails that guide hikers along the area’s brilliant red, white and yellow cliffs and canyons, with some venturing into U.S. Forest Service land. The longest trail is five miles, which allows for stringing multiple trails together in a day.

During the summer, with little opportunity to find shade, the sun and heat can make for a harsh hike. But as cooler temperatures set in, Ghost Ranch is a prime fall hiking destination.

Note: Visitors are asked to check in at the Ghost Ranch Welcome Center before hitting the trails so the ranch staff can account for hikers in the rugged desert setting. There is a $5 site fee for use of Ghost Ranch’s facilities, but this is not a hiking fee or a requirement for hiking.

Here is an overview of the three longest and most popular trails at Ghost Ranch…


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