The Best Hiking Spots Across Hawaii, from the Big Island to Oahu

With its 750 miles of total coastline presenting idyllic beaches, clear, warm waters, and some of the best surfing, fishing, diving, and snorkeling spots on earth, of course, many people associate Hawaii’s opportunities for outdoor recreation with the water. But if you fail to look inland, you’re missing out.

Like the biggest mountain on earth, if you measure Mauna Kea from its base under the ocean to its summit at 13,803 feet above sea level. Like Hi’ilawe Falls, a waterfall with a main drop some 1,200 feet in height. Like miles of perfectly pristine beaches completely devoid of human development.

You can get to the summit of Mauna Kea by car, you can see Hi’ilawe falls by helicopter, and you can reach spots like Kauai’s Kauapea Beach, AKA Secret Beach, by boat, but what ties these and dozens of other spots together? They are best reached by hiking. Sure, surfing is great and all, but Hawaii is just as much of a paradise for the hiker who loves logging miles afoot.

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