New hiking trail unveiled at Flight 93 memorial

There is a new hiking trail at the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania.

The trail of remembrance is a half-mile long trail where the dirt road, skyline drive used to be and connects the memorial plaza to the site were the temporary Flight 93 memorial was first made.

Nearly one million people came to visit the first, temporary memorial site, and visitors still come back to the memorial today to ask where the original site was.

Now visitors will be able to walk along this trail and never forget those raw emotions of September 11th.

“This site is symbolic because it is the first place that people can come to honor the passengers of Flight 93 and really understand what happened out here on September 11th,” said Katie Cordek, the memorial park’s public information officer.

The trail starts at the memorial plaza which is located in the back of the Flight 93 memorial park.

For more information about the site and the new hiking trail, visit


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