18 of the Very Best Hikes in the UK You Need to Explore

This small area of land is so jam packed with hiking routes it means you’re never far from an outdoor experience. From 120 mile behemoth adventures through mountain ranges, historical strolls along coastal cliffs or even just a scenic route to discover a new destination, the UK really has hiking options to wow everyone.

To make things even better trails are well marked, accommodation and transport options are bountiful and, most importantly, you’re never far from a good pub.

For example, The Quirang Trail on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, which takes about two to three hours to trek depending on how often you stop, is ideal for landscape photographers. The area is packed with stunning geological features known as the Needle (a jagged 120-foot tall pinnacle), the Table (a flat, grassy area that slipped down from the 1,781-foot summit), and the Prison (a pyramid-shaped peak that looks like a medieval keep from certain angles).

Or, The Cotswolds is one of the UK’s most beautiful areas and is home to one of the most stunning hikes around. The countryside is full of gently rolling hills, dotted with sheep, and with quaint honey colored villages scattered throughout.

Take a look at this collection of the very best hikes in the UK with options to exhilarate every level of hiker…


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