The World’s Most Thrilling Pedestrian Suspension Bridges

Whether made out of steel, rope, wood, concrete, or glass, the natural rocking a pedestrian suspension bridge experiences with a big gust of wind, or a group of devilish tricksters jumping up and down on it, can shake the steadiest of nerves.

It’s a long way down as the bridge swings. Anyone with a good head for heights, and even those who avoid them at all costs know there’s a big difference between crossing a massive suspension bridge built for cars and trains, and one built for pedestrians.

In the mood for an easy-to-get-to family holiday destination, but still want to experience some dizzying, heart-pounding heights? If that’s the case, the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, close to Cañon City, Colorado, should do the trick. Apart from hosting music concerts, as well as zip lines and playgrounds for the kiddies, the park is home to the Royal Gorge Bridge. The bridge stands 955 feet above the narrow canyon carved out by the Arkansas River below. People addicted to the buzz that comes from high places can saunter across this 1,260-foot bridge and peer down at the river, or else take in craggy canyon views from the comfort of the park’s aerial gondola .

Depending on how you feel about heights (or more accurately, falling from them), this list of dizziness-inducing pedestrian suspension bridges will either give you a tingling thrill or make you want to curl up in the fetal position and go home.


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