Oahu’s Best Hiking Trails Have One Thing in Common — Breathtaking Ocean Views

When it comes to outdoor adventure, Oahu packs a punch. Within its 597 square miles, visitors to the island can find stunning beaches to unwind on, delicious local foods to enjoy, and miles upon miles of hiking trails to explore.

According to Best of Oahu, there are close to 50 different hiking trails to choose from around the island. From beginning to expert, the island’s hiking trails have it all. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that they each end with a spectacular view of Oahu and the Pacific Ocean below.

Located on the eastern side of Waikiki’s coastline sits the Diamond Head State Monument, one of the island’s most recognizable landmarks. The monument, which takes up a whopping 475 acres of land, has plenty for visitors to see and do, including hike to the summit. The summit trail, first built in 1908, is just .8 miles long. Though short, it’s still difficult — on that quick walk you’ll gain 560 feet of elevation — but the view is well worth the huffing and puffing.

The hike to Waimea Falls is more of a leisurely stroll than a workout, but it’s stunning just the same. Upon entering the park guests can take a paved road on a quick one-mile walk through a gorgeous botanical garden. At the end, visitors are rewarded with a glimmering lake and waterfall. Those adventurous enough can even hop in for a quick swim before hiking back out again.

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