Explore Kentucky’s Red River Gorge

Nestled in the heart of the Daniel Boone National Forest, the Red River Gorge attracts thousands of outdoor recreation enthusiasts year round. Rock climbers, hikers, canoeists and campers are among those who come to enjoy and explore this rugged landscape, often referred to as simply “The Red” by its most frequent visitors.

Across its steep terrain, miles of towering cliffs line the upper slopes of forested ridges. Along the cliffs, unique rock formations randomly appear as huge monuments withstanding the test of time. Artfully sculpted by wind and water over millions of years, more than 100 sandstone arches and other natural rock features are formed as part of this geographic masterpiece. Chimney Top Rock, Half Moon, and Sky Bridge are just a few of Mother Nature’s most impressive creations that you’ll find here.

In the valleys below, boulder-strewn creeks and streams flow through densely shaded coves of hemlock and rhododendron, eventually reaching their destiny as part of the scenic Red River. These cool, clear waters support a diverse array of aquatic species, as well as sport fish for anglers. In its swift upper reaches, paddlers find challenging stretches of Class I to III whitewater rapids to test their skill.

The scenery alone is enough reason to visit this remote and remarkable place, but a spellbinding sense of adventure seems to be what draws people back again and again. Their secluded journey takes them to a place that feels untamed and untouched by modern progression.

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