Best Dog-Friendly Public Lands

Don’t worry about finding a dog sitter when you head out for an outdoor adventure. You can bring your furry companion along for all kinds of fun on America’s public lands.

Service dogs are permitted on all public lands, while most national parks allow pets in developed areas. Other locations – such as national wildlife refuges, national forests, and wild and scenic rivers – also welcome pets on designated trails and parts of the backcountry at various times throughout the year.

Don’t forget to check out rules and regulations for each location to know exactly where your dog is allowed.

If you take your dogs on a trip into the great outdoors, make sure to always bag their waste and have a leash handy if required. This ensures you will Leave No Trace and protects your pup, wildlife, and other park goers.

Check out these dog-friendly lands across America where all puppies are welcome…


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