Your Guide to Summer Hiking

Many of us hike all the time, and so going out for an afternoon jaunt is not cause for long, detailed preparation. We take a water bottle and hit the trails. However, for beginners and those planning hiking trips in new locations, it’s important to put safety first.

“Depending on where you hike, if you’re not digging the trip because of weather or you feel tired, sometimes bailing isn’t as easy as calling an Uber,” says Liz Thomas, a record-holding professional hiker, speaker and author. “Learning some safety tips before you head out will give you tools in your back pocket to make smart decisions should things not go 100% as planned. It’ll also teach you to read the signs and avoid problems before they become issues.”

Hiking can be extremely exhilarating, but it can be dangerous for those who are not prepared. Elements, creatures, poison and health are common causes for severe injury or death while hiking. Be prepared, be safety-conscious and be smart. Don’t let pride cloud your judgment. Above all else, have fun.

Here are a few common hiking tips to keep in mind before you slide on your pack and pose for a photo in front of the trailhead.


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