How to keep your tweens and teens interested in hiking and backpacking

Spending time with your children is important no matter how old they get, but how can you keep teens and preteens engaged in outdoor recreation during their sometimes rebellious years?

“Kids need to spend time outdoors — a fun, healthy, beyond-the-ordinary place. Backpacking is a great way to help them appreciate all the beauty and adventure that the natural world offers.”

Here are some ways to keep your teens and tweens excited about hiking and backpacking:

Parents can send negative messages when they use too many ‘don’ts’ leading up to a trip.

The more accustomed children get to hiking long distances as a child, the more receiving they will be to it as a teenager.

Teenagers prefer to be with other teenagers. So gather together a group of kids who would make good trail mates — preferably ones with similar ability levels.

Middle schoolers require almost constant fun to stay entertained. Playing games and riddles as you hike, occasional games of hide-and-seek and more can all help your kids stay entertained as you hike.

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