Sun City resident is an Arizona Trail yo-yo

Sun City resident Art Huseonica got into the record books Dec. 12, 2018 when he completed a second leg of hiking the 800-mile Arizona Trail.

The feat made him the oldest person to yo-yo hike the trail, meaning he has made the trek from south to north, then again from north to south. At 67, he is the oldest hiker to complete the 1,600-mile journey. Only two other hikers completed the round trip adventure, both in their 20s, according to Mr. Huseonica.

After overcoming the challenges of extreme weather and uncertain water sources, Mr. Huseonica completed the last two miles of his 1,600-mile adventure in the company of four friends, including officials from the Arizona Trail Association.

“I thought the second leg of my extreme hike might be in jeopardy,” said Mr. Huseonica. “The heavy rains at the Utah border forced me to wade through running washes to get to the tailhead.” This resulted in a five-mile hike that is normally done in a vehicle.

The trek for Mr. Huseonica ended southwest of Sierra Vista where a monument marks the Arizona border with Mexico. He got an interesting welcome, as seven U.S. Border Patrol agents congratulated him on his feat as they patrolled the border fence.



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