Traveling To Asia? Add Hiking In Hong Kong To Your Itinerary

Hong Kong’s New Territories is one of the best off-the-beaten path destinations. Only 25% of Hong Kong is developed, with a staggering 40% officially reserved for nature preserves and county parks that are managed by the Government Park Authority.

Trails are easily accessible, marked and although very beautiful, not high density. Given that in most metropolises like New York City it can take hours to reach a decent hike, Hong Kong can feel like a nature lover’s utopia, all within a stone’s throw of a city.

An added bonus of the island’s mix of urban and rural is that safety is a near-guarantee. If you did the same thing in Vietnam or even parts of Thailand the feeling isn’t so comfortable.

Nearly all of the top hiking destinations are easily reached by public transport directly from the city center, making them very accessible.

If you’re interested in hiking Hong Kong, there are multiple guides published by the government.



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