Discover heart healthy hiking trails in Oklahoma

Fall is arguably the best time to get outdoors and enjoy physical activity. Autumn weather seems to create in us the urge to stir about for various reasons. The air is charged with the odors of the autumn season and one can feel and smell nature in its natural rotation.

While squirrels are storing food for the winter, maybe we as humans are seeking a little food for the soul, stocking up for the coming gray winter days that will keep us housebound too long.

So what better way to get into step with fall than trying to stay a few steps ahead of the winter chill and get some outdoor activity?

Hiking is wonderful exercise, and to promote public health and wellness, the Oklahoma state parks division of the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation has created Heart Healthy Trails. Consisting of 12 easy-to-walk park trails, this initiative will inspire folks wanting to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Trailheads describe the length of the trail, and distance markers are provided along the way. Distance markers are placed at quarter-mile intervals along a Heart Healthy Trail. Along the way, you will find a pamphlet containing a trail map, a walking log to help the park guest track the date, distance and time of day they took their walk.

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