Hikers In Breckenridge Are Being Greeted By A Giant, Mysterious Troll

Generally, encountering a literal troll is a pretty sedentary activity because they don’t exist, so you are only going to roll up on one in a book, movie, tv show, tabletop game, or the comments of an internet article. And this is an overwhelmingly good thing, as trolls tend to be incredibly ugly, aggressive and slow-witted.

Now, however, people in Colorado can both go for a hike and meet a troll, and though it might sound scary, it’s actually quite awesome.

In August of this year, Danish artist Thomas Dambo finished installing a 15-foot tall troll named Isak Heartstone on the easy and family-friendly East Wellington Trail in Breckenridge. Suddenly, social media is alight with pics of Isak and people are making it a point to visit the fantastical gent.

Dambo is known for the trolls that he has constructed all over the globe, but this is the first one in the Western United States, which is awesome for people who don’t have the resources to make it to one of the other 39 trolls erected in places like Denmark and Korea. Each of them varies in size and he tends to create them using recycled materials. In this instance, Isak Heartstone is made of scrap lumber and downed trees collected over the ten-day construction period.



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